About Us

Quality Care Investment Group buys and sells properties at discounted rates. We deal in a large variety of property acquisitions. We purchase property sold by the owner, from lending institutions, and other investors. Depending on the deal and, or the property that we acquire in transactions. We do a multitude of different types of deals!

  • We buy and hold properties for rentals
  • We sell to first time and retail buyers
  • Fix and flip
  • Sell to other investor/ rehabbers
  • Finally, QCIG consign properties that we have assignment contracts with to our VIP contacts for an assignment fee.

Our mission as real-estate investors is to purchase properties for less or that may be distressed from owners and, or lending institutions. Positioning ourselves to be of service to those in need of selling a property, or properties. In turn, we take those properties; fix and hold, fix and flip, or pass on to other investors. We do this with a mind set that all parties should come away from a real-estate deal feeling as though they have gained from that deal. Our position is always one of humility, fair dealing, and integrity. “We can all eat at this table”.

This website will be dedicated to providing information regarding QCIG contracted property, inventory, and project’s. Also, blog pages will be added for us here and our visitors to share on topics, experience, and knowledge as it pertains to real-estate investing. We thank you for visiting our site…